Shiksharth Trust ( commonly known as Shiksharth ) is a not for profit educational organisation, designing and developing contextually relevant Positive Childhood Experiences for children coming from spaces of conflict and adverse geography. Currently based out of Sukma, Chhattisgarh in Central India, we are serving over 15000 children through pedagogy solutions, school support and community engagement in an integrated approach. 

Vision – Positive Childhood experience for every child

Who we are We are a team of grassroot collaborators passionate about collective action with the objective to reimagine the life of children in conflict and adverse geographies through positive childhood experiences.

What we believe inWe believe that irrespective of ideological conflict and geographical adversity every child  deserves PCE leading to experience compassion, peace and quality education to grow as a constructively engaged learned citizen.


Proximity to the problem – we at Shiksharth endeavor to move out of our comfort zone and place ourselves in the vicinity and proximity of the problem to enable and enrich selves in order to achieve the vision.

Humility and Perseverance – we are on a transformational journey from ‘I’ to ‘WE’ and to ‘US’ through by being resilient and persistent

Love and Compassion –we assert through our thought, word and deed that love and compassion are the most essential elements of the social change

Hope Story –For us it is important to be realistic simultaneously taking small yet firm steps forward leading to realistic hope story for our children.

Accountability and Adaptability – We commit ourselves to stand together in listening to unheard voices leading to co creation of community centric solutions and shared ownership.

Collaboration – We believe that social change is not possible in silos and hence collaboration and collective action is our way of co-creating innovative models and ensuring positive childhood experiences. 

We will be coming soon with our updated website with all the necessary details about the journey

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