How Can you Help ?

Shiksharth is a not-for-profit organization working towards improving the quality of education in rural and tribal areas through action-based research, design and implementation. With more than 300 schools destroyed in these areas, a lot needs to be done in these areas. Your can choose to volunteer or fund specific projects or donate to the overall cause and help us support the education of tribal children.

Our Vision

           Every rural and tribal community contributes towards an excellent education for their children. And so we strive to create the equal opportunities for everyone irrespective of the geographic solutions. “champions are not born, they are made” so we believe, in the process of the whole system we would be witnessing the rise of several champions who contribute for a better tomorrow.  

Our Mission

Create Academic Resources
Create academic resources for tribal/ rural children that is in resonance with their eco-system leading to academic improvement in schools
Build Peace Ambassadors
Create peace ambassadors out of the education system who contribute towards peace building of the respective regions.
Support Government
Create technical support structure for local administration for supplementing the ongoing government initiatives towards quality education.
Enable Community
Create a platform for community to contribute towards the holistic development of the child.

Our Projects

At the core we believe in community led model of education and are currently working on ways by which community, its wisdom, culture and customs can be contextually incorporated in classrooms content and pedagogy.

Alongside, we collaborate with government and the local administration to ensure better on ground implementation of policies and interventions in rural and tribal areas helping us reach out close to 10000 children through direct interventions as part of our projects and overall 45000 as part of our collaboration with the local administration.

 Multi-lingual Education

Multi-lingual Education

 School Support

School Support





Meet Our Team

We are a bunch of young enthusiasts working towards systemic change in education in rural areas.

Ashish Shrivastava

Co-Founder & Program Head

Vikas Shukla

Co-Founder & Lead – R & D

Shalini Shrivastava

Science Program Lead

Neeraj Naidu

Child Engagement Lead