Outcome of a forced war: 20000 tribal children dont have access to education and
300+ schools destroyed ..

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About Us

“A 9 years old girl was standing outside her classroom, upon asking the reason she told that she was not able to answer the question in Hindi but answered it in her own language which the teacher did not understand and thought that the girl has not studied. And hence as a punishment she was made to stand outside the class. ” Continue reading “About Us”

What we do?

DSC_0606 (2)At the core we believe in community led model of education and are currently working on ways by which community, its wisdom, culture and customs can be contextually incorporated in classrooms content and pedagogy.

Alongside we collaborate with government and local administration to ensure better on ground implementation of policies and interventions on ground in rural and tribal areas helping us to reach out close to 10000 children through direct interventions as part of our projects and overall 45000 as part of our collaboration with the local administration. (more…)



Every rural and tribal community contributes towards an excellent education for their children.


  • Create academic resources for tribal/rural children that is in resonance with their eco-system leading to academic improvement in schools
  • Creating peace ambassadors out of the education system who contribute towards peace building of their respective regions
  • Create technical support structure for government and local administration in its  work done towards improving quality of education in the district.
  • Manage and support various initiatives under improving science education in schools by bringing in contextual pedagogy.
  • Create a platform for Community to contribute towards the holistic development of the child.
  • Bridge the gap between community and schools by creating a support structure for the government system to effectively work on the long term education plan of the tribal/rural children


About Sukma

Sukma is located in the southernmost part of Chhattisgarh, bordering Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. Living here is very satisfying because of many reasons:

  • You would be doing what you wish to.
  • You would also be consuming according to your needs.
  • Electricity supply is uninterrupted with very few power cuts.
  • Internet connectivity is fair enough (Don’t expect 4G).
  • Dense forests that never miss astonishing you.

And most of the time you would be thinking about or working with children which is fundamentally amusing.

Reaching Sukma

Essentially there are three routes to reach Sukma: you could catch a direct bus from Hyderabad, Raipur or Jagdalpur.

Opportunities @ Shiksharth



As part of our focus on improving the quality of education in the region we are working on Project Jigyasa— Promoting science education through innovative hand-on experiences and helping the children get out of the fear of Science. In the last 2 years we have engaged with around 1000 children and developed modules which are based on using low–cost resources and contextual examples. Yet a lot needs to be done. And we are looking for passionate innovators to take this journey forward and make a difference to the lives of tribal children through science. Continue reading “Opportunities @ Shiksharth”


Vikas Shukla

VikasVikas is a thinker with strong on ground social experiences. He has been working in Bastar since 2014. Currently on sabbatical pursuing MA in Education at Azim Premji University. A graduate in Commerce, (more…)

Shalini Shrivastava

Shalini Srivastava

A Bachelor in biotechnology from Purvanchal University, Varanasi and masters in IT from Punjab Technical University, Shalini is a science enthusiast, focusing on science education in Shiksharth. She primarily handles exploring and planning how we can use locally available resources, (more…)

Neeraj Naidu

Neeraj Naidu (2)With over 4 years of experience in IT, advertising and education, Neeraj is passionate about working with children and watching history take its shape in regions like Bastar. He is a creative writer and likes trying new ways of engaging with children. (more…)

Ashish Kumar Shrivastava

Ashish Kumar ShrivastavaAshish is an engineer turned education sector contributor with over 11 years of experience across IT services, Skill Development and Education with strong desire and commitment to contribute to the tribal/rural education. (more…)

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