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“All men are intellectuals but not all men have functions of intellectuals in the society. There is no human activity from which every form of intellectual participation can be excluded.”

Unfortunately the world today is no more inclusive while we witness exclusions on the lines of ethnicity, class, geographies, language, religion, political and social affiliations. One such classification is urban vs rural where despite awareness about the fact that rural society define how the nation moves ahead, we are still used to seeing it as a feeder to the urban materialistic ego and greed.

Shiksharth works with children and communities to empower them to identify their strengths, be ready for the future with a vision towards a more inclusive and just society.

We are a not-for-profit organization working towards improving the quality of education in rural and tribal areas through action-based research, design and implementation. Currently we are operational out of the tribal Chhattisgarh in Sukma, South Bastar which has been struggling with Left wing Extremism ( naxalism ) for more than 2 decades.