• Born with the most deprived socio-economic and human development index.
  • 50% of the enrolled children studying in residential schools move away from their family, culture and community at the young age of 5/6 years.
  • Living in a geography which is 70% under the control of extremely intense structural violence.
  • As per research - children who were exposed to war and revealed that the prevalence of PTSD was 47%, that of depression was 43%, and that of anxiety was 27%, although rates are lower among children with more remote exposures
  • Lack of safe spaces


Beyond the usual NAS and ASER reports:

  • Only 4.7% of children have access to reading material at home. Less than 5% had access to any online solutions
  • District performance in achieving learning outcomes has been restricted to an average of 40% in the primary grades.
  • The contextual elements in the curriculum are missing and the concept of Multi-lingual education has been restricted only in terms of the translation of content.
  • 70% of children don’t understand classroom language in 1st & 2nd std. i.e. Hindi.
  • It takes 3 years for a tribal child entering std.1st to understand the language of the teacher and textbook.