Offline learning kits

(Available in English, Hindi , Marathi, Kannada, Telugu) 


The overall vision of these kits is to ensure children are able to practice key literacy skills in a personalized and engaging manner and minimize the widening learning gap because of school closure. The initiative doesn’t intend to teach any new concept.

Kits are grouped in three grade levels:

Level 1: std. 1st – 3rd

Level 2: std. 4th – 5th

Level 3: std. 6th – 8th

Community based learning project


Projects in Hindi can be viewed here 

Learning projects focusing on foundation literacy, 21st century skills designed by Education Above All

Storytelling and read aloud stories

 50+ read aloud videos based on
pedagogically curated stories & poems from different child literature
publishing houses. Channel can be viewed/subscribe