Action -research based project to develop contextual teaching learning solutions in rural and tribal areas. We do this by actually teaching in classrooms and exploring different pedagogical approaches  while working with children affected by naxal conflict and staying in residential schools ( called Pota Cabins opened after Salwa Judum for affected children )  with a capacity of 500 children each.

These are special residential set ups, 500-seater school which came into existence after 2005 when conflict get intensified due to ‘Salwa Judum’. In 2009-10 it become a permanent set up under Rajiv Gandhi Shiksha Mission (RGSM) of Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaan (SSA).

We intend to set up subject labs based on 21st century skills using this approach for rural and tribal areas and will be setting up our first prototype in first academic quarter of 2019-20 in residential and day-boarding schools to address the gap of contextual education, single teacher schools and give opportunity to learn in a contextually relevant self-designed and self paced approach

Some of our key impact areas have been:

·       Integrating local context and eco- system in classrooms.

·       Develop 21st century subject labs – which handle differentiated learning levels, self-paced learning.

·       15 classrooms, 750+ children directly benefited Growth of 3 grade level in 1.5 academic years.

·       Working full time in 5 residential schools (500 seater) impacting 2500 children.

·       Developing classroom and school libraries with contextually relevant references and content.