Vikas Shukla

VikasVikas is a thinker with strong on ground social experiences. He has been working in Bastar since 2014. Currently on sabbatical pursuing MA in Education at Azim Premji University. A graduate in Commerce, (more…)

Shalini Shrivastava

Shalini Srivastava

A Bachelor in biotechnology from Purvanchal University, Varanasi and masters in IT from Punjab Technical University, Shalini is a science enthusiast, focusing on science education in Shiksharth. She primarily handles exploring and planning how we can use locally available resources, (more…)

Neeraj Naidu

Neeraj Naidu (2)With over 4 years of experience in IT, advertising and education, Neeraj is passionate about working with children and watching history take its shape in regions like Bastar. He is a creative writer and likes trying new ways of engaging with children. (more…)

Ashish Kumar Shrivastava

Ashish Kumar ShrivastavaAshish is an engineer turned education sector contributor with over 11 years of experience across IT services, Skill Development and Education with strong desire and commitment to contribute to the tribal/rural education. (more…)